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How to add HydrostreamForums to your mobile home screen

How to add HydrostreamForums to your mobile home screen.

This will show you how to add a shortcut to the HydrostreamForums web site to the home screen on your mobile device.

This will show you using Google Chrome on Android and most stock android browsers.

First, go to the HydrostreamForums home page (https://www.hydrostreamforums.com/)

Once on the main home page, follow the instructions below.


1- Click on the drop down in the top right corner of the screen (3 dots in this case)


2 - Now select 'Add to Home Screen'


3 - Here you can edit the name to appear on the icon/shortcut you place on your home screen.

4 - when you are finished you can click 'Add'

NOTE: Some browsers may not include steps 3 and/or 4 and will automatically add the shortcut/icon after step 2.


5 - And that's it, you now have a quick easy way to get to the web site in one simple click.

We will try to get instructions for other browsers added as we can.

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