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About Hydrostreamforums.com

A little about Hydrostreamforums.com

Welcome to the unofficial Hydrostream Forums. Here is a little insight on how and why this forum was designed.

A while back we were doing some searching, looking to get back into the boating scene and having a major love for Hydrostreams, we found a few amazing forums here and there and forums that catered to brand specific boats like the STVs and the Glastrons and such but here was nothing geared solely at the Hydrostreams so we decided that maybe it was time for there to be a place for the die hard hydrostream guys where it was nothing but hydrostreams so after a few emails here and there, Hydrostream Forums was born.

Now I am not an expert by any means on a lot of stuff when it comes to the beloved Hydrostream and I am still learning myself but I thought this would be a great opportunity to not only learn a lot but meet a lot of new people as well.

As the forum slowly grew we decided to add more content in the way of a database of sorts by using information that has been collected from various places over the years through out the internet and a few other sources. Weather we were preserving information from sites long gone or that have not been updated in some time and may now be troublesome for some people. All we have tried to do is make it easily accessible for everyone to find and enjoy!

So everyone, Welcome the the Hydrostream Forums. I hope you enjoy it.

We would like to give a huge thanks to the International HydroStream Registry for the wealth of information that can be found here.
You can find the International HydroStream Registry at http://www.hydrostream.org

We would also like to give a major thanks Scream and Fly for another source for all the information over the years of witch can also be found here. With out Scream and Fly I dont think I would have gotten back into the performance boat scene.
Scream and Fly can be found at http://www.screamandfly.com

Also we would like to thanks Fast Boats Canada for the wealth of info that can be found there as well.
You can find Fast Boats Canada at http://www.fastboatscanada.com

We have also learned a lot and found a lot of info at other various site and while we cant remember where we have found everything over the years if we have forgotten you or see something that you would like a link back to you and/or your site or anything please let us know so we can give full credit where credit it due or if you have an regards to the info found on this site.

Big thank you to Casey Schalkowski for allowing Howard Pipkorn to drive his prized Hydrostream and in turn allowing for the amazing photo that is in the site logo.
Picture was taken on Sept 29th 2015 on the Mississippi river near Winona MN.

Also, any and all comments and/or suggestions are welcome.

Originally posted on 03-26-09
Last updated 10-15-2015

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