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Vulture Vacuum Bracket

The first Vultures - maybe the first 15 or so - had square corners underneath and an extended pad. It worked well, but it didn't fit Pipkorn's concave concept, so he filled it all in and made it concave. The result was that the nose would not come up while running. The problem was similar to the step experiment but a vacuum was created in this back area - air couldn't get in and water couldn't get out and it was like dragging a pocket of water around until the hull could eventually break loose. It took quite a few hours of testing to figure out the cause of the problem and the resulting solution. HydroStream's answer was to add two short strips of aluminum underneath. These would push the water back down and prevent the water from coming up around the edges to form a seal.

These strips of angled "L" brackets are 7/8 inch angle and measure 6 inches long. Below is the installation instructions with the measurements for placing them in the correct location.


Much clearer (Easier to read) instructions are being worked on and will be updated as soon as they are complete.

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